Saturday, August 9, 2008

The End of American Preeminence?

Is the end of American preeminence in the world system nigh? First the Chinese pull off an excellent coming out party heralding their re-entrance into global power status, and then that was soon followed by (or coterminous with) Russia attacking the Caucasus country of Georgia, a close American ally an a former Soviet republic. The point being that so far the United States seems unwilling to come to Georgia's defense. What does that bode for other small, ex-Iron Curtain states? Their love of the United States was an illusion, because although they send troops to Iraq, when things get tough, the United States will abandon them as surely as the developed EU?

What does that bode for the missile shield systems in Poland and the Czech Republic? Will they back off from their support for the interceptors and radar? Will they become more contrite and submissive to Russia, and less willing to follow the Americans?

Seems that the Georgia/South Ossetia thing is developing, and the United States is getting more involved.

However, it's clear that the days of the Old Order are numbered.

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